Why artificial grass became popular?

Wed Jul 10 2019


Green is actually the new black. There’s this tranquility it communicates, the feel it gives to your feet especially the fresh, green ones that hugs your feet immediately it lays on it. However, having to deal with the stress of early morning watering, fertiliser to keep it fresh, or mow it when it is overgrown, could be quite a task. This is why artificial grass is what is highly recommended. Artificial grass has been considered as much more environmentally friendly. This is because it reduces pollution from fertiliser as compared to real grass. Also, no one has to know you are using synthetic grass, it is as real as real grass.

With real grass, there’s a whole lot to consider. Quite a large percentage don’t have the time to go about the early morning routines, let alone to speak about the cost it takes to manage real grass. This makes it highly uneconomical, and many times this causes much more harm than the beauty it was actually made for.

The pains of keeping it real

You would give room for competition between your grass and weeds, leaving you with the struggle of having to deal with destroying the weeds which end up leaving your lawn in bad shape.

You have to deal with fungal, and regular use of fungicides is generally a bad approach as you end up destroying the soil beneath it. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t even guarantee a non-occurrence.

Hot and unpredictable weather, which is pretty much the case in Singapore, tend to cause dry patches on your lawn, which is a terrible sight for anyone to look at.

Benefits of artificial grass

Perhaps, one of the most widely known benefit of having synthetic lawns is that there is very little you need to do to keep it clean and green. You can spend less time worrying about dry lawn, insects, etc, and focus on appreciating an evergreen lawn at the comfort of your home.

For one, with real grass, you would have to do a lot of worrying about water. Usually, depending on the variety and its texture, an 800 square foot lawn would consume about 150000 gallons of water in a year. That is a lot of water. However, with artificial grass, you wouldn’t need to go through such cost and stress, as it is absolutely durable. The only water you would be needing is one that is enough to rinse the grass which you could do at any time. The grass doesn’t necessarily depend on the water for survival. So it is easier to manage.

You can’t always say natural turf would always be beautiful. There are several seasons, variety in light and moisture, that comes with keeping a real grass. Also, with real grass, the only way you can have a uniform height is by mowing. On the contrary, synthetic turf is absolutely beautiful. There’s no issue with the season, whether wear and tear. It is also difficult to distinguish between a synthetic turf and a real one. Artificial grass looks totally perfect as they always have the same height, color (always green, isn’t that your desire?), aside from green, artificial grass comes with other, different colors and texture, from smooth to velvet feel. This is totally base on your choice. So, the right artificial grass is perfect for your outdoor living room.

About Royal Grass

Our main priority is quality and reliability. This means you can totally trust us to give you the best fake grass…yes, the best fake grass you can’t find anywhere else.

We respect nature, this is why our grass is safe for the environment. A lot of us are concerned about any side effects. However, our grass is very safe, and child-friendly too.

We use the latest technologies and innovations in producing our grass. One of our innovations is in our production of the V-shaped grass with MiNT (Micro Nerve Technology), that looks very natural and not unrealistic or plastic like.

Every purchase of Royal Grass comes with 9 years of warranty that covers for UV discolouration of the grass fibres.

Whether you want to experience a better family life or a great relaxation. You can enhance the view of your garden or lawn with synthetic grass. Your children can also have better times to play without having to deal with dirty clothes. So, you want to enjoy the goodness from well-laid lawns. Gardens, outdoor flooring, playground surface or any green space, there’s really nothing you can’t achieve from artificial grass. As we said, Green is definitely the new black.

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