Royal Grass

With V-shaped fibres and Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT), Royal Grass remains one of the most innovative artificial turf in the market.

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Why Royal Grass

Here's why we remain the No. 1 choice amongst many.

Superior Quality

Every patch of grass sold by us are directly imported from The Netherlands, where it is manufactured with the best materials and undergoes the most stringest quality checks.

Latest Technology

Each strand of Royal Grass leverages on innovative technologies like the unique V-shape and Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT) to keep the fibres upright.


No heavy metals or other environmentally-harmful substances are used in our artificial grass or in the production process, because we care for our environment.


Product Family

Choose the grass that suits your liking.


Royal Grass


Consists of 3 shades of green, 36mm in length. Olive green with a full and dense look. Fitted with supporting rootzone, V-shape and MiNT fibres.


Royal Grass

Silk 25

Our economical choice, but still with the full and natural Royal Grass look. 25mm tall grass fibers. Fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.


Royal Grass

Silk 35

A nice and soft playing surface for children in a beautiful olive green colour. 35mm high and fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.



Be Inspired

There's no limit as to where Royal Grass can be installed.

Residential Gardens

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  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-12
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  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-10
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-11
  • gallery-royal-grass-residential-gardens-7

Play Area

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  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-4
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-2
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-7
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-5
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-play-area-1

Indoor Area

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  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-4
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-2
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-11
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-5
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-10
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-7
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-indoor-area-1

Green Roof

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  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-2
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-5
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-4
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-10
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-11
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-7
  • gallery-royal-grass-green-roof-1

Commercial Spaces

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  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-10
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-7
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-5
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-4
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-2
  • gallery-royal-grass-commercial-spaces-1

Balcony, Patio, Terraces

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  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-11
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-10
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-9
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-8
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-7
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-6
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-5
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-1
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-2
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-3
  • gallery-royal-grass-balcony-patio-terraces-4


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